Standard Application Process

Group 244

Read about the application process below.

01. Register
The applicant will register on TangaYetu platform. After the registration is completed, the applicant will start receiving notifications whenever a call for proposal is published to the platform. The eligible applicant can initiate the application process for a grant.

02. Application
Applicants will fill out the forms given on the platform and submit applications. Duration from the submission deadline of the application (Step 02.) until the final decision (Step 05.) is approximately 2 months.

03. Review
Review by ESRF to determine strategic and qualitative alignment with the requirements and criteria of TangaYetu Initiative.

Applications that are deemed as not in alignment with the requirements and criteria will be informed at this stage.

04. Due diligence
Due diligence by Fund Manager (Innovex).

05. Steering Committee & Final Decision
The best applications will be presented to Steering Committee. The Committee makes a final decision on the project.

06. Contract Preparations & Signature
In case of approval, the contract is prepared and signed.